Education means all round development. Children are called ‘well educated’ but , is it true ? At least partially , it is wrong. Modern education moulds ‘trained citizen’, instead of an educated youngster .Therefore , we see the decayed facets of culture. Torture, Rape ,Murders ,Sexual exploitation ,Robbery, Consumption of alcoholic substances ,etc.. , the list continues. Policing system fails to control criminals. Why is it happening ? Lack of moral teachings is the main cause of this kind of cultural decay. Still people give little prominence to rinse the soul of a person , to maintain its purity. Here is the attention of NIBRAS. We are moulding perfect personalities out of our children. So we need whole hearted support from the public, parents and the authority. At a time where a high chance for hi-tech criminals to come out , NIBRAS moulds pure-minded geniuses who contribute a lot to the secular society. That is our aim. Let the Almighty help us to fulfill our dreams.