Moonniyur was an educationally backward locality. It was impossible for the existing schools to absorb the children of the locality and the surrounding areas. Due to this circumstance , a situation that the children having no material or religious education emerged and this was the reason for the establishment of NIBRAS. 

This critical situation was discussed with Shaikh Aboobaker and under his advice and guidance, NIBRAS was decided to start and its bylaw was prepared after a meeting of the 25 important personalities of the locality on 11th sep 1993.Giving rupees 5 Kundoor Usthad gave consent to start the building work in the plot contributed by Mr.Sulaiman Haji.KP . Nobody expected it was the beginning of a large and famous Educational institution. It was Shaikh Aboobakkar who laid the foundation stone. Mr.Koyamu Master(AEO, rtd) was the first Principal and Mr.Moidheen Kutty Saqafi(Pukayoor) was the first Manager of the institution. Mr.PKM Kutty Haji has been at the post of General Secretary from its beginning itself .

Now it has developed into a multy faceted educational institution with the mercy of the Almighty. 15 SSLC batches have come out with flying colors. Every year we secured 100% success both at SSLC and SKSVB Exams. Our children have proved their talents at several other competitive tests and examinations. Besides NIBRAS English Medium school, Iqra Nursery School, Secondary Madrasa, Hajara Memorial orphanage, Maqdoomiya Juma Masjid ,OK Usthad Memorial Dars are also working for the development of the society . 30 orphans are studying at Hajara Memorial Orphanage.All expenses , including conveyance fee of these children are met by the Institution. The management is planning to commence plus one , plus two and ITC classes during the coming academic years . ITC class is mainly for industrial training . Let the Almighty help it to be fulfilled .Muhammed Haji(late) was the first president of the institution and now Mr.Abdul Khader Musliyar(Ponmala usthad) is the president.

Kundoor Usthad Had been Its President for a long time . The whole hearted support of the late and living Islamic scholars, ‘Sadaths’ and activists and the coorporation of the public have been the driving force behind the establishment . May Allah duly reward them all.